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About Us

Company Profile

Our company specializes in wooden furniture product made from Asan Indian laurel, Silver grey wood.we are always ready with New Ideas / Concepts/ Designs as we think that product development should be a 365 days job, and that’s how one achieves the best samples. Thus we hope that we can satisfy your needs for wooden furniture as every piece is unique, chemically treated and klin dried.

Our Skilled

Our  skilled designers and carpenters incorporate the natural edge  of the wood into the design of the piece, whether a table, desk, bench, coffee table or another custom item, and beyond the artistic beauty that our furniture provides, one of the most attractive things about it is sustainability. In much  of the  furniture being created,the wood used  is  often sourced locally from fallen trees through Government Auctions.

The tree from which our furniture is made  is Asan, Indian Laurel, Silver grey wood. The biological name of it is Terminalia Tomentosa.. It grows to 30 m tall, with a trunk diameter of 1m.

Why Choose Us

The WOOD STUDIO uses the finest quality materials and the most highly trained craftsmen. we want our customers to experience the warmth through Respect and Trust.

Our Vision

We endeavour to supply furniture that is all insightful, elegant and inspiring, while supplementing your needs that only natural wood in its natural free contoured state can bring.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior products and services of exceptional vaue that willlast the lifetime of the owners.


INTEGRITY AND EFFICIENCY, but also FLEXIBILITY and INNOVATION, these are the ideas that our leadership shape our day to day activities.